Madrasi Mixture

Mix of spicy crispy barik save with corn. Topped with nuts and finally mixed with sweet Royal resin.


Crispy Basen Papdi, perfectly salted. Ready to melt in your mouth.

Dal Sev

Spicy and crunchy dal mixed with save, the spices give it a great flavour and color.

Navratan Mixture

A beautiful and testy mix of barik save moti save peanuts with peanuts a sweet and salty flavour.

Dal Moth 

Masur dal with barik save, gives a rich flavour in the mouth, once you start you cant stop.

Tasty(Peanut) Nut

Peanuts dipped in besan atta and deep fried, rolled in spices, gives it a nutty and crunchy flavour.

Masala Dhaniya Dal

Minty flavour spread evenly over deep fried chana dal .

Aloo Falahari Mixture

Great tangy tomato flavour smothered over crispy and fluffy aloo save topped with resin and peanuts, excellent falihari food.

Double Loang Sev

Double Flavour of clove an authentic spice that we are used to.

Feeka Mixture

Testy and mild mixture with a delighting mix of barik moti and gathiya save bundi and resins.

Besan MasalaPapdi

Spicy and Crispy Basen Papdi. Ready to melt in your mouth and leave your senses open.

Gujrati Mixture

Gujratiy spicy blend of barik save moti save bundi, sure to leave you refreshed.

Ratlami Sev

Mouth watering spicy save, with an awesome texture.

Tamatar Sev

Great tasting save with tantalizing flavour of tomatoes.

Loang Sev

Flavour of clove an authentic spice that we are used to.

Aloo Sev

The Great Falihari food, gives you the crunch and the fluff of aloo topped with sweet flavour of resin.